Gail Perry Treks
Speaker, Author, Travel and Trekking Expert. 
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
For casual to accomplished hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an immersive travel experience, Walks of the World is a 317-page calendar and guide to 25 epic treks. (ISBN 978-1-5235-2594-2, Workman Publishers)
Gail Perry is an avid hiker and travel writer, inspiring others to walk their way into epic adventures.
Her expertise includes the immersive travel experience of multi-day “hut-to-hut“ hiking where long-distance trails weave through distinctive landscapes, offering lodging options along the way so backpacking and camping aren’t required. 
Some countries are known for hut-to-hut hiking. New Zealand, for example, has the Great Walks, Spain has the Camino de Santiago, and Italy has the Alta Via, all complete with accommodations that range from rifugi to resorts. 
But there‘s more, much more. Many countries, in fact, are grooming their trails, building resources, and inviting travelers to see their land and enjoy their culture one step at a time. Hut-to-hut hiking is becoming surprisingly accessible, combining challenge and comfort to form unforgettable trips for people of all ages and interests.  

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